Jon Snow Channel 4 News

“Sebastian is probably the finest photographer and cameraman of his time, his camera work is among the most sensitive I have ever witnessed"

 Clare Doole , Writer/Editor/ NGO Documentary Film Producer.

 "Someone once said that getting Sebastian to make a video or take photographs for you was like getting Da Vinci to paint your bathroom! He is a superb cameraman/photographer "

 Anna Pukas , Chief  feature writer at Express Newspapers..

 " Sebastian is a brilliant photographer and cameraman whose talent has been recognised many times with multiple awards. He has tremendous initiative, imagination, motivation and application. He is a great self-starter but will also work to a brief. Similarly he works equally well alone or as part of a team. His interests are many and diverse but he can become engrossed in any subject as required. His commitment to a task or assignment is total and when covering news stories this has sometimes been to the detrimental of his own well-being. In my view his most admirable quality is his enthusiasm which is as fresh now after more than 30 years as if he had just started last week "

 Ana Carcani Rold, Editor in Chief, The Diplomatic Courier

"I have been extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with Sebastian Rich. He is a true artist and a consummate professional. His photographs speak volumes and words do no justice to them. We are proud to have him as a Senior Contributing Photographer and Writer. His photo-journals have graced many print editions of the Diplomatic Courier, always leaving a deep impression on our readers. Sebastian is as comfortable shooting footage in war-zones (he has covered every single conflict known to man in the past 30 years) as well as dance studios (which he compares to war-zones sometimes). I recommend Sebastian without any reservation to all those editors who are looking for a truly original photographer/cameraman that can shoot everything from ballerinas to flying bullets."

 Cheryl Tappis , News Editor Al Jazeera English...

" Seb is a seasoned professional and his work always reflects that. His eye doesn't miss a thing and he is a joy to work with. I know many people that have worked with Seb and he is highly regarded by all of them in what is a very competitive industry. He would be an asset to anyone who finds themselves lucky enough to work with him "

Gill Fickling, TV Producer at United Nations..

" Sebastian is one of the most talented photographers/cameramen I have ever worked with, who always works with great sensitivity and dedication. He's also a great person to share a cup of tea with after the shoot "

 Dick Bower , Series Producer at Rockhopper TV.

" Sebastian Rich is a talented and imaginative photographer who is also passionate about the images he produces. He has produced many wonderful photographs of people and moments - and often in the most difficult and challenging of circumstances. He is among the best recorders of what is happening in the modern world "

Mark Hedgcoe, Series producer BBC

"Sebastian is a wonderfully enthusiastic and creative documentary cameraman. He's imaginative, driven and has a great eye, always ready to go the extra mile for the shot and full of energy. Above all, he's terrific company and great fun. A great guy to work with."